E-bikes for Business

We believe e-bikes have a similar capacity to revolutionize the way people and goods move in the business world.


When it comes to urban mobility, it just makes sense to go with a more reliable, flexible, and cost-efficient solution.

There are so many ways that e-bikes can be used to optimize business operations.


  • Spend less on gas, maintenance, and parking

  • Save time and make more deliveries per shift

  • Stay flexible with no licenses or special training required for riders

  • Get noticed in your community

  • Reduce air and noise pollution


No Matter Your Use Case

We Have The Right Fit

It doesn't matter whether your business focus is hauling a lot of cargo, keeping a rider safe and comfortable all day long, or building a fleet of pizza delivery bikes, We can help you get started. We have multiple e-bike models and related accessories suitable for a wide range of business applications, cargo volumes, budget requirements, and comfort features.

Urban Delivery

Eco-friendly, efficient, effective.


Deliver more, sweat less. Earn more, spend less. Looking for an affordable way to speed up your deliveries? We got you.

Ebikes are eco-friendly with zero carbon footprint and the capacity to haul whatever you’re in the business of delivering - papers, pizza, people, you name it!

Rental Fleets

Experience electric bikes


An exciting revenue generator and a great new add-on to your business. Your customers will enjoy the unique experience of riding a stable and exciting electric bike and the added power of the motor means that everyone in the group will be able to travel together no matter their fitness level.

Facilities Management

Manage Inner logistics

For facilities maintenance teams to support the environment they’re tasked with caring for, on both a local and global level. From landscapers to university facilities teams and public land managers, We help our customers enhance their operational efficiency while simultaneously reducing their environmental impact.

Corporate Campus

Get your people moving.

Add e-bikes to your campus transportation options to increase staff mobility, boost employee energy levels and morale, and lower your organization’s carbon footprint.

EMT & First Responder

Respond Faster to an emergency.

With the speed, power and sensitive handling to effectively maneuver in traffic and urban environment, e-bikes improve EMT's ability to respond quickly to medical emergencies, allowing them to arrive on-scene faster.

Law Enforcement

A Tactical Advantage

The advent of e-bikes creates an opportunity to increase the effectiveness and safety of mounted patrol even further by enhancing the range, response time, and safety of officers in the field. With the speed and power to effectively flatten steep hills, e-bikes improve officers' ability to respond quickly to dynamic events, allowing them to arrive on-scene faster and less fatigued.

Tailor Your e-bike Solution to Fit Your Needs

Take Advantage of Our Accessories and Customization Options


We provide a diverse mix of custom accessories that can be mixed and matched to meet a wide range of prices, cargo volumes, and weight requirements. And even our accessories can be customized, say if you need a specialized rack to carry a non-standard-sized crate. So let us know if you want to add company decals, logos, or even a personalized frame color. We are here to match your creativity and ambition.


Front Rack Flat

Front Rack Cage

Rear Rack Flat

Rear Rack Cage

Pannier Bags

Cargo Trays

Insulated Box

Rear Kid Seat

Passenger Seat Pad

Full Fenders

Lockable Storage Box

Flat Cargo Tray

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